• 1 baking pan
  • shaving cream
  • spatula
  • 1 toothpick
  • food coloring in various colors
  • card stock (I used manila file folders to make a thicker photo mat)
  • scissors
  • picture frame
  • photo of a loved one (that will fit into your picture frame, leaving room for the cardstock background to show through as a border)

    1.Spread shaving cream all over baking sheet a ½ -inch layer thick. Use the spatula to spread the shaving cream out and flatten it, so it forms an even layer.

    2.Using your food coloring, dot the shaving cream all over. You can use one color, a few colors or combine; it's completely up to you and depends on the look you prefer.

    3.With your toothpick, swirl the food coloring in the shaving cream.

    4.Place your cardstock down onto the colored shaving cream and press lightly.

    5.Lift the cardstock up and, using your spatula, gently scrape the excess shaving cream off.

    6.Set your cardstock aside and let it dry.

    7.Once your cardstock is dry, cut it to fit your picture frame. If you have a photo mat lying around, you can use that as a guide: trace its outer borders onto the cardstock and cut; otherwise, use a ruler (or your best guess).

    8.Use double stick tape to affix your photo in the center of your cut, dried cardstock.

    9.Place the cardstock with the photo affixed to it in the picture frame making sure that the cardstock borders shows through like a photo mat.


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