1. string of STRALA lights
2. festive cereal box cardboard
3. a random circle of corrugated cardboard
4.green paper.

1. First, cut a segment of a circle to roll into a cone, out of cereal box cardboard. Glue that onto green paper.

2.Cut that out and do two things to it. One, snip the bottom (curved) edge. Two, poke holes in it for the little lights.

3.Now, you don't have to do this if you're lazy, but kids seem to like this, so make a star. I cut two small stars out of paper and stuck scotch tape over both sides, then trimmed the excess off, so only the border of scotch tape holds the two star layers together. Sort of like a star-shaped pita pocket. Insert the endmost light of the string into the star 

4.Poke the other lights through the holes, sticking them in place with more masking tape.

5.Then glue the ends of the cone together, shove all the wiring into the completed cone, cut a radial slit in the cardboard base and squeeze the wire through that

6.so the battery pack (with the switch) remains outside, hanging on a short wire.

7. Then glue the cone onto the base (this is why you made slits in the bottom edge of the cone earlier).


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