I. Choose eight pieces of paper.

II. Lay out one square of paper.

III. Fold this paper in half lengthwise.

IV. Now fold your paper in half once again forming a smaller square shape.

V. You may now open up this square shape and you will be left with creases that will form four smaller squares within the larger square.

VI.  You will start with one outer edge of the paper pulling the point of the paper into the center.

VII. You will continue to fold in all four sides in the same manner which will form four small triangles.

VIII. Next you will set the paper on the table facing you like a diamond shape.  Proceed to fold the left point up against the center 'line' forming a sharp point at the very top.

IX. You may fold in the other side in the same manner, making sure to fold precisely making a sharp point.

X. Flip your paper over and congratulations, you have made the first point that will make up your window star!

XI. Continue this step by step process until you make 8 points for your window star.

XII. The next step is to glue your star together. Use very little dots of glue, a glue stick would work even better. Start with your first color and add glue into the lower right hand corner.  The next piece will line up against the center fold and proceed to glue the two together.

XIII. This is the start of forming your star.  Continue on with this process until all eight pieces are used.

XIV. You have now made your very own Waldorf inspired kite paper window star!For a chance to make smaller stars simply cut two sheets of kite paper into four segments.


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