• Flower petals (some kinds work better than others, so you'll want to experiment; we used violas and Johnny-jump-ups)
  • Bath or kitchen towel
  • Wooden cutting board
  • Paper towels
  • White card stock
  • Hammer
  • Fine-tip marker

  1. Gather the flower petals in true fairy spirit: be sure they are safe to pick and are in your yard, or use petals you find on the ground. Choose a large petal for the skirt and smaller petals for the arms and wings. Tear petals in half if you can't find the right size.

  2.  Place the towel under the cutting board (this reduces the noise when you hammer). Set 2 layers of paper towel on the board. Place a piece of card stock on the paper towels.

  3.  To print, lay your first petal facedown on the card stock, cover it with a second piece of card stock, and use the hammer to gently tap the area where the petal is sandwiched (no heavy pounding!).


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