1. scrap paper
2. newspaper
3.  bowl
4. a blender
5. water
6. towels
7. window screen

1.Start by ripping your scrap paper and newspaper into small pieces. The smaller the better

2.Add water . We used a bottle from our recycling bin to help ease the mess.

3.Squish, let soften for as long as your child will wait. We didn’t wait too long but the blending is easier the squishier you get the “pulp”.

4. ADULT ONLY – using a blender blend the water and paper pulp.

5.Put towels ( old ones from when your husband went to Mexico on Spring break in college) under your screen.

6.Pop the pulp on it.

7.Press the water out. You can use a dish cloth ( smooth cotton not fluffy).

8.Flip onto a cutting board and let dry.

9. Let dry for 2 days.


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