1. a piece of cast off smooth wood (for example: an 
old shelf, stair, wooden box side, scraps from 
2.building project, even a narrow rectangle 
will work well)
3. gesso
4.larger bristle or foam brush about 2" (52mm)
5.acrylic paints
6.small damp sponge
8. Plexiglas palette
9. paper toweling
10.sketching paper 
12.flower catalogs, live flowers, or photographs of flowers


1. Starting with the stems and leaves begin with 
blue paint on just the tip of your finger and paint a dot 
at the bottom of the stem. Work your way up the stem 
a little at a time, using this dot method. 

2. While the blue paint is still wet, clean your 
fingertip on the damp sponge and then dry it on 
a paper towel. Pick up some yellow paint and mix it 
into the blue paint on the stem of the flower. Using 
an up and down “tapping motion” you will mix the 
paint to make the stem green. More yellow paint will 
make the stem lighter and less yellow will make it 
darker. Try shading the leaves or the stem using this 
method of light and dark. Continue painting the stems 
and leaves until you are finished with them. Wiping 
your finger between colors keeps your pallet neat and 
prepares you for the new color of the blooms. 


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