Materials:1. Cold-press board
2. Frisket masking liquid
3. Paint brush 
4. Silk or plastic greenery
5. Spray paint
6. Eraser
7. Kraft paper or newspaper

1.Cover work surface with kraft paper or newspaper. Decide the size and number of frames you'll use for your arrangement. For each frame, cut a piece of cold-press board an inch smaller on all sides than the inside measurements of the frame.

2.To create the irregular white border on each board, brush frisket along the edges of the cold-press board with an imperfect stroke and let dry. The frisket will prevent spray paint from getting onto the board wherever it is applied. The frisket dries quickly, so you will need to move fast when applying it.

3.Place silk or plastic greenery on each board. It's okay if the greenery extends past the edges of the edges of the cold-press board because the final result will be more graphic. The greenery should lay as flat as possible. (You might need to manipulate the piece, bending the greenery so it lays flat.)

4.Spray the board with a single coat of paint. (Nearly any spray paint will work. Practice on a scrap piece of paper first.)

5.Remove the greenery, and allow the paint to dry, following the recommended guidelines on the paint can for dry times.

6.Carefully remove the frisket. Start at the corners and use your fingers to begin lifting the frisket off the board.

7.Use an eraser (a regular pink eraser works well) to remove the portions of the frisket you cannot lift off with your fingers

8.Affix each print to a white paper backing and place it in a frame.

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